Club Races

Club Races

The CLC Striders organise two very popular races each year. These are the Spring Aviator 10k in May and the Autumn Aviator 10k in November. In 2016, we will be adding to these with the Staverton 10 Mile race in January. All three take place at the Staverton Airport.

Race Date
Staverton 10 Mile 31st Jan 16
Spring Aviator 10k To Be Comfirmed
Autumn Aviator 10k To Be Comfirmed

Cross Country Fixtures 2015/16

The club actively participates in the Gloucestershire, Birmingham and Midland Cross Country Leagues. The cross country fixtures are below:

Gloucestershire League (Men & Women)

Date Venue
10th October 2015 Cotswold Farm Park
31st October 2015 Malvern Common
12th December 2015 Blackbridge, Gloucester
20th February 2016 Venue TBC

Gloucestershire AAA County Championships


Midland Womens League & Birmingham Mens League

Luckily this year, both our women and mens races are held at the same location.

Date Venue
7th November 2015 Leamington
5th December 2015 Cofton Park, Bournville
16th January 2016 Crypt School, Gloucester
13th February 2016 Massey Ferguson

Other Races We Are Competing

Date Race
Wednesday 26th August Bugatti 10k Race (Prescott)
Sunday 30th August Winchcombe 10k Hill Race (Sudeley Castle)
Sunday 13th September Bristol Half Marathon
Monday 14th September CLC Striders XC Warm Up Handicap Race (Pitville Park)
Saturday 19th September Midland Road Relays (Sutton Park)
Sunday 27th September Cheltenham Half Marathon
Tuesday 29th September Aztec West 5km (Bristol) TBC
Sunday 25th October Stroud Half Marathon
Tuesday 27th October Aztec West 5km (Bristol)
Sunday 1st November Guy Fawkes 5 Mile Race (Tewkesbury)
Tuesday 24th November Aztec West 5km (Bristol)